Online shopping, simplified

Buyzooka is a cross-site online shopping Google Chrome Extension app.
Buyzooka centralizes your online shopping funnels from registering
new accounts, placing orders, filling payments into just one checkout process.


Google Chrome extension


Feb - Mar 2021


UXUI Design

Meet the client

Buyzooka is an e-commerce and pre-seed startup based in Luxembourg, France. Buyzooka
hired me to conduct a UX audit and redesign their Chrome Extension app and brand logo.

Project goals and challenges


Seamless cross-sites shopping

Improve the user journey experience and the user interface of Buyzooka’s Chrome extension app to help online shoppers shop and checkout at cross-sites happily, securely and successfully


Landing page that converts

Redesign the landing page to increase Buyzooka’s target audience’s brand awareness of Buyzooka and motivate them to download the Extension App and sign up with Buyzooka’s service.


Get more fundings

Optimize product experience for Buyzooka to attract more investors
and get more fundings from €240K
to €4.5M

User research discovery on shopping cart

According to the user research data from Buyzooka and Baymard, there were 85 % of online shopping carts got
abandoned in 2020. Online shoppers are tired of having to create a user account for each of the online stores that they visit.

The characters of target audience

Buyzooka’s target audience is Millenials who like online shopping, indie stores
and embrace the spirit of “Bobo” (It’s a French term, short for bourgeois-bohème.
The closest meaning in English can be defined as yuppies with an attitude.)

What is it like to use Buyzooka

Based on the user data that Buyzooka provided, I analyzed and
complied them into the user journey map to identify the design
solutions that I can create for Buyzooka.

Little peak at Buyzooka’s new look

The new branding direction that Buyzooka wanted to achieve is “c’est chic” online shopping.
Therefore, the logo, color palette, typography and brand visual assets that I designed were aimed towards vibrant and energetic color and style.

A visual-driven search page

Due to the technical constraint on the searching engine, I redesigned a search page that is
visual-driven with UX copywriting that can help online shoppers search products at ease.

One-click and checkout for all

Based on Buyzooka’s user flow data, I redesigned the UI of the pop-up shopping
cart window to help online shoppers have a frictionless checkout process.

Sign up once only

I created a new sign up page layout for Buyzooka with
a minimalistic and on-brand visual language approach.

New brand logo design on chrome store

To make Buyzooka’s logo stand out among other extensions on chrome store, I decided to
create a vibrant color logo with a white background to make online shoppers focus on
Buyzooka’s visual branding message.

The Results

Currently, the Dev team already released the product to Chrome Web Store and rolling it out for usability testing
on a larger scale. Buyzooka was well-pleased with the works that I delivered. It was an amazing experience
to work closely with the Product team at Buyzooka!

€ 4.5 M

The total funding goal that Buyzooka targets after the product release to the market

1 Product Hunt

Projected US market revenue this new version of Next Designer will produce

After working closely with the team at Buyzooka, I am not only inspired but also touched by their mission.
Buyzooka is truly a team that is made up of people who want to make online shopping easy while
supporting local businesses at the same time. If you want to support this awesome startup, let’s upvote Buyzooka!

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Thoughts from Buyzooka

Rosie proposed different ideas based on her research with a theoretical basis to try to find
the best solution for our products. It was a very good experience working with Rosie.
Tzu-Ya Yang , CPO & Co-Foudner @Buyzooka

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