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Next Designer, a Virtual Model Home Design Software that is built
to help homebuyers experiencing what their dream home will look
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Web App


Jan - May 2021


UIUX Design

Meet the client

Focus 360 is an award-winning Virtual Model Home software company that is based in South California.
Their specialty is at architectural renderings and virtual tours of model houses. Focus 360 hired me to
redesign a customizable interactive virtual model home web platform.

Project goals and challenges


Immersive web experience

Create a minimalistic and responsive interface for web application that allows home buyers to explore massive design options and features without sacrificing the view of the model rooms



The new UI is designed to use glassmorphism to achieve a more clear, and translucent interfaces with visual contrast, hierarchy and usability


B2B + B2C

Due to the diversity and complexity of the user groups, the user interfaces are expected to be customizable and flexible for supporting both residential and larger scale commercial goals


Market & popularity

The projected numbers of users will be over +1 million in the commercial, hospitality, and national residential builder market in the States

3 clicks, your dream kitchen appears

I strive to minimize the design tool’s interface at large while ensuring enough visual
contrast and hierarchy to guide homebuyers to design the homes they want.

Fully customizable

What makes a virtual home design tool powerful is the variety of design
assets it can bring to homebuyers and homebuilders. Therefore, I developed
a scrollable interface that can make the feature scalable and feasible.

On-spot navigation

I created one central control UI to help homebuyers navigate
towards different spots in the house while promoting
homebuilders’ digital assets in the closest way possible!

Responsive design across desktop & mobile

According to the user data from clients, the target users use desktops and
mobiles the most to do the model home design. As a result, my deliverable
to them included the responsive design on desktop and mobile sizes.

Design systems made easy

Because the client wanted this prototype to be scalable, I built
the design systems to make their future scaling simple.

The Results

Currently, the Dev team is developing the prototypes into functional web applications
and prepare to launch to the market by the end of this year. I’m excited to know that
Focus 360 was satisfied with th final deliverables: the interactive high-fidelity
prototypes of Next Designer!


Projected numbers of homebuyers and home builders across the US will use this product


Projected US market revenue this new version of Next Designer will produce

Thoughts from Focus 360

Rosie's work is meticulous and well organized.
She has a firm grasp of UX and cultivates a
variety of well done designs. Our team
immediately connected with her and the
work product resulting and in project
that has been a great success.
Paul Cardis , President & CEO @The Cardis Group

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