Reborn live streaming design KO event

This event was hosted by Reborn academy over a one hour live streaming to over two hundreds students who
want to learn UIUX Design in Taiwan. In this stream, you will see the designers redesign Uber Eats
while answering questions from students.


iOS mobile application


July 10 2021


Rapid interactive prototype

Meet the client

Reborn academy is an online UIUX design school that is dedicated to developing
the design community in Taipei, Taiwan. They hired me to design at this live
streaming event to share my redesign process and interact with their students.

Project goals and challenges


Live design with the
audience in mind

Design in a live streaming environment while presenting the design thinking process so the audience can learn how I did my redesign


Help organizers grow
their memberships

Showcase UIUX design
knowledge and rapid
interactive prototyping
skills to motivate the
audience to learn and
join Reborn Academy

Behind the scene

In this project, I collaborated with the stakeholder teams in Reborn Academy and the other guest
Designer to create the content for this live streaming event.

Rule of our design KO

The prompt Persona I got

My real-time redesigns strategy

Live streaming replay

🔊 Please noted the live streaming was in Chinese. If you’d like to
learn more about the process in English, please email me, thanks!

The final design after the streaming

This was the final interactive high-fidelity prototype that I made
after the streaming. Two key features were created: the influencer
ordered stats on the homepage and the “Instagramer-map search”.

You can also check it on my Dribble page.

The Results

It was a cool and fun experience to work with Reborn team. They were
cheered and satisfied with the work! According to Reborn’s survey, the
overall engagement that I created with the audience during and after the
streaming event was good.

Some students said they’d like to see more events like this in the future
while others connected with me to know about my design approach. I also
learn a lot from the questions that students asked during our QA session.

One fun fact to share was the audience were very interactive and creative
on the FigJam voting session. As you can see, we really cannot count who
got the most votes at the end. (My name was even buried underneath all
the hearts. My section was the one that got purple +1 circled area 😂)

Thoughts from Reborn Academy

Rosie's energy and enthusiasm for UI and UX design inspired many participants and our future students on this live-streaming event. Also, she does really well in teaching and sharing some experiences with Taiwanese students.
Aaron Yu , Founder & CEO @Reborn Academy

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