Welcome page revision

Let's meet Taelor's new welcome page! This is one of the onboarding website pages
that Taelor's new sign-up members will visit to know how Taelor's service work for them.


Web App


Dec  16 - 23 2021


UIUX Design

Meet our team

Menswear rental subscription service Taelor, a women-led, Silicon Valley-based fashion startup
that curates stylish outfits for men. This is an intern project that I did at Taelor to help
our product team revamp our existing member welcome page.

Our goals and challenges


Consistent branding design

Two challenges to tackle here: one is to redesign a welcome page that matches Taelor’s existing style guidelines; the other is to design within the constraints of our Shopify platform. The goal of this page is to help new members understand the subscription service model of Taelor.


Keep responsive design in mind

Design a responsive website layout that can be implemented by the Developer on our Shopify CRM system. As a result, some design limitations from our Shopify templates need to take into consideration. The goal is to make sure our members can browse it without problems on desktops and mobile

Our ‘on-brand’ style guide

Our brand style is a combination of minimalistic, luxurious, drive and aspirational. Taelor’s
mission is to help people feel confident and ready every day. Before I started the redesign,
I studied our brand style guide and compiled it into the design direction that I should follow
while creating the new welcome page.

Our discussions on the original wireframe

My redesign approach

While working together with…


Product team

To learn the goal of this redesign, I had meetings with my Product Lead and finalized the design based on the feedback from Design Critiques


Marketing team

I aligned the style guides and copywriting consistency with marketing team and update any revised content when necessary


Engineer team

I worked with Product Lead and Engineer team to make the layout into a mobile responsive size.

Voila! Here is the new look on our welcome page

Also take a look at the live site on the phone

Over 5% conversion rate!

Now, every new member who signs up with Taelor will be greeted with this new member welcome page.
When we worked on updating this landing page site, we did hope to achieve the conversion rate at over 5%.
It was a great experience to collaborate with Taelor’s product, engineering and marketing team.

This is why I joined Taelor because I believe in our founder, Anya’s mission.
Our service gives you a choice to be stylish every day and be sustainable
to our environment. Interested in Taelor ? Let’s give it a try!

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