Swipe & style menswear rental app

“Swipe and rent your styles” is a Personalization Feature that Taelor wants to
explore for our iOS mobile application. Customers can swipe right (like)
or left (dislike) to decide which clothing style they want to rent.


iOS mobile application


Jan 2021


UXUI Design

Meet the team

Taelor is a menswear rental subscription service startup based in Silicon Valley.
Powered by AI and Stylists, Taelor delivers men the right and stylish outfits!
This is an intern project that I did at Taelor to help our product team test our hypothesis.

Project goals and challenges


Personalized styles that fit

Design a Personalization feature
that can know our customers' preferences on their rental outfits’
styles in a more efficient way


Effective customer feedback

Create an effective customer feedback collection design that can help Stylist understanding customers preferences on the outfits better and thus prepare a well-tailored outfit for customers

Our hypothesis

Our target users

Our target users are a group of men who have occupations that require them to look good and professional at work.
They often live in Metropolitan areas and have great ambition to seek promotions in their careers.

How my design decisions were made


User research

I conducted both desk research and competitor research on the interface design of “swiping” that is used in the online apparel e-commerce.


Stakeholder meeting

I discussed my research findings with my Product Lead. The conclusion helped me understand how the swipe feature will impact our users, technical development, business and operations.


Design and Reiterate

I created the prototypes based on the data I got from user research. There were three reiterations made after design critiques sessions.

What the user flow looks like
after the user subscribed to our service on mobile app

Our service value is at providing users the style and outfits that match their
expectations. Therefore, the user data about their choices on the
Personalization Outfit List is the key to have a frictionless user flow.

The wireframes of swipe and user
feedback collection design that I proposed

This iteration gave users three ways to indicate their style preferences:
1) The swiping feature: right as like, left as dislike
2) The thumbs up and down button feature: thumbs up as like, down as dislike
3) A selection of the most-common feedback on the style that we provided

The difference of this iteration is in the user feedback collection design:
1)  Allow users to rate the style in the five-star rating system
2) A selection of the most common comments
3) A message box for the user to type short comments

This iteration is using progressive disclosure on collecting user feedback:
1) I created a “More Details” button for users who want to know more
2) Since users want to spend more time learning more about the outfits,
   they might have more time to give a quick feedback
3) Use a popup window as a place for the user to leave quick feedback.
   Users can always click the Cancel button to exit from the popup.

Let's swipe!

Here is the final hi-fidelity prototype that I made based
on the design critiques I had with Product Team.

The Results

Taelor and I had great fun and experiment during this project. There were three
rapid hi-fidelity interactive prototypes that I created at the end of this project for
Taelor’s team to test out their hypothesis on both user behaviors and operation
improvement. However, due to the changes in Taelor’s business plan,
the prototypes didn’t get to the stage of beta testing with the target audience.

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